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March Exhibitions at the Center for Art & Education

Showing in the Main Gallery
Artist:  Steve and Vivian Griffith
Exhibition Title: Timberline to Shoreline

 With impressionistic flair, husband and wife team, Steve and Vivian Griffith, interpret their adventures across the United States through their art.

This wonderful couple share dynamic moments of their escapades as they go, often painting plein air. (Plein Air is a phrase borrowed from the French which means to paint outside, in the open air, painting objects as the eye actually sees).  This embrace of the impressionists’ style has served the traveling duo well.  Their passion, sense of adventure and the strength of their relationship are all represented in a body of work that allows us to track their journey together across the United States from Timberline to Shoreline. 

Vivian Griffith

Steve Griffith

As you can imagine, Steve and Vivian have built many friendships along their path but they are always welcome to adding more.  Come out, meet these delightful artists who reside in Conway, Arkansas and see why they are so popular.  This exhibition will be a celebration of relationship, wanderlust and the great outdoors.




Showing in the Studio Gallery
Artists:  Sandra Dixon and Jeff Willard
Exhibition Title: Spring Emergence

This exciting exhibition combines the work of two local artists who are turning a corner in their artistic journey but going in totally different directions.  Sandra Dixon has been painting in oils for many years and enjoys painting florals of all kinds.  She is inspired by past instructors as well as other painters of florals. She will be presenting this body of work for the first time at the Spring Emergence exhibition. Sandra is unveiling her delightful floral work for the Center for Art & Education and they could not be more proud of her.

Sandra Dixon

Jeff Willard is a multi-talented artist who enjoys a range of mediums.  He is an accomplished photographer and enjoys manipulating images with digital software to create surreal spaces.  He also enjoys acrylic painting and pen and ink.  Basically, you never know what you will get from Jeff but you know it will be captivating and thought provoking.  Willard has shown at the art center as part of a larger group but this will be the first time he has brought a large body of work all his own to the center for its patrons to enjoy.

Jeff Willard

Exhibitions open March 5 and run through March 25.
Tuesday – Friday 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Saturday 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

For more Information:
479-474-7767 or

Place:  Center For Art & Education
104 North 13th Street
Van Buren, AR  72956